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Treating the Whole Person

Be Kind Psychology is primarily focussed on psychological support and strategies to assist you in building a toolbox full of ways to live your best life.


Be Kind has grand plans to expand into other helping modalities so you can treat the whole of your mind, body, and soul.

Be Kind is currently available online. Making your appointments flexible and comfortable from your own space. No rushing to get to appointments or trying to find a carpark. 

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Services Available



  • Teenagers and Adults

    I want you to live your best and most meaningful life.  I use evidence-based, and responsive support to help you achieve your goals.

  • Anxiety

    I help clients with a range of different anxiety matters such as phobias, social situations and generalised, using evidence-based treatments. 

  • Depression

    I understand how to help my clients learn ways to recover from depression. I know that it's not as simple as “cheering up” or “just have a good sleep”. I'll work with you every step of the way. 

  • Trauma

    I utilise a range of different techniques to support clients with managing the symptoms of trauma they have experienced in their life. 

  • ADHD and Autism Support

    I provide counselling to support to people with ADHD or ASD. I work from a strengths perspective to enable our neurdiverse clients to embrace their lives and thrive. 


    I can provide limited assessment support in regrds to ADHD.

  • Adjustment to Illness or Injury

    I offer support for those who have a new medical diagnosis or those who are adjusting back to life following an injury. 


    I also support family members of those going through terminal diagnoses or life-altering accidents and illnesses.


    I can help you understand and adjust to these changes.  

  • Perinatal and Fertility Support

    Perinatal psychology focuses on the well-being of women from before, during and after pregnancy as well as support with fertility.  I am here to support you along the whole way through your individual journey. 

  • Relationships

    Navigating interpersonal relationships with friends, colleagues, children, family or romantic partners can be so challenging at times. I work with clients to help them understand how to communicate effectively and as well as understand their own “stuff” that they bring to the table. 



Talk to me about your assessment needs. Be Kind Psychology are committed to assisting you and if I am not able to, I will point you to someone else who may be better suited to assist. 

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Psychological Fees – From  01/07/2023
The Australian Psychological Society recommends an hourly rate for psychological services of $300 (2023-2024 financial year). Please find below our list of fees which are significantly under the recommended rate.  


Additionally, I accept Workers Compensation for QLD and Victoria, Mental Health Care Plans, Eating Disorder Plans as well as many others. 

Psychological Therapy Fees – Privately Funded

From 01/03/2024


Additional Charges
$20 additional for a Saturday Appointment 

  • Team Member


  • Initial Session Fee*

    $180 (90 mins)

  • Subsequent Session Fee*

    $150 (50 mins)

  • Medicare Rebate 2023-2024

    $93.35 (MHCP)

Please be aware that a $50.00 deposit is required to book your initial appointment. Your deposit is refundable should you choose to not proceed with your  appointment, as long as the cancellation is received outside of the 2 business day cancellation window. 
If you cancel within 2 business days, your deposit will be forfeited. 
If you cancel on the day of, or do not arrive at your initial appointment your deposit will be forfeited and the remainder of the applicable fee will be deducted from the card you have listed on your file, as per our “Cancellation and No-Show” policy.  

Psychological Therapy Reports – Privately Funded

Reports for Funding Bodies are charged to the Funding Body (e.g. NDIS, DVA, WorkCover, NIISQ, Insurance Companies)

  • Report Length
    • Very Short Report
    • Short Repot
    • Medium Report
    • Long Report
  • Page Length

    >1 page

    1-2 pages

    3-4 pages

    5 pages

  • Fee (w/o GST)





Meet Mel

With over 10 years of experience, I specialise in working with diverse teenage and adult clients, addressing fertility, parenting, relationships, mood disorders, emotional regulation trauma, and more.


I also excel in change management, leadership development, team dynamics, and workplace assessments.


I have a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and a Masters of Business Psychology. I'm also a registered primary board-approved supervisor for provisional psychologists starting on their journey to full registration. I am also LGBQTIA+ ally.

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