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Be Kind Psychology- by Melissa Denniston, offers online psychology and holistic wellness practices for teenagers and adults seeking guidance and support in relationships, mood regulation and managing life's challenges. I have a particular passion for working with Women navigating parenting and fertility trials and tribulations. Discover a holistic approach to mental health, mood and well-being.

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Be Kind Services

Be Kind Psychology is primarily focused on psychological support and strategies to assist you in building a toolbox full of ways to live your best life.

Be Kind has grand plans to expand into other helping modalities so you can receive treatment for the whole of you; mind, body, and soul.


Whether you need individual therapy, group-based intervention programs, or psychometric assessment, I have you covered.

Be Kind is currently available online. This allows your appointments to be flexible and comfortable in your own space. No rushing to get to appointments or trying to find a car park.

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Self care is not selfish

It's important to look after yourself before you can look after others.

About Be Kind Psychology

What is Be Kind Psychology all about?

I started Be Kind Psychology in 2023 with a passion and mission to change the lives of Women and Children, as well work with the significant others in their lives. Having worked in a forensic setting for the 10 years prior to this I saw firsthand the gaps and needs of those coming through the system. 

Be Kind Psychology is a starting block to a much bigger and grander plan to be able to significantly impact and improve the lives of many Women and Children.

Why did I choose the name Be Kind? 

According to the Cambridge dictionary the word kind means: to be generous, helpful, and thinking about others. What better way to live our lives. The Be Kind vision is based on three key principles:

Be Kind to ourselves (mind, body, and soul).
Be Kind to each other.
Be Kind to our environment. 

Be Kind Workplaces

In addition to the this Be Kind Psychology is also committed to Workplaces. We spend so much of our lives at work, with average estimates suggesting that we will work 90,000 hours across our lifetime! 

Research conducted in 2022 shows absenteeism costing $24 billion a year. With the rates of presenteeism also accounting for a significant amount of workplace turnover and reduction in productivity. Given these factors workplaces have a vested interest in ensuring that their businesses are psychologically safe and supportive for employees to demonstrate peek performance. Be Kind Psychology are here to help with all your workplace needs. 

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If you have any questions or would like more information, send me your inquiry and I will get back to you shortly.


If you need assistance or support outside of regular business hours, we encourage you to visit our Resources page. If it is an emergency please call 000.


Be Kind acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as custodians of the traditional land and waters of Australia.

We acknowledge and pay respect to them, their cultures, and Elders past, present, and emerging.



If you are in crisis or have a mental health emergency and require immediate assistance, phone Emergency Services – 000, or visit your local hospital emergency department. 

Be Kind does not offer emergency support or crisis counselling.